For thirty eight years I have concentrated my artistic development in the medium of sculpture, specifically bronze and steel casting. In my treatment of patina and surface ornamentation, I have been heavily influenced by the sculpture of Benin and Egypt. Further inspiration came from the philosophy of African sculptors who expressed the idea that there was a spiritual relationship between the artist and their work.

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Graceful, yet embodied with great power and strength,Milton Sherrill’s sculpture is timeless and serene.I love my three unique bronzes that represent Sherrill’s wide range of talent in both abstract and figurative forms.

Isobel Neal
Owner, Chicago Gallery

I have known Milton for over 50 years . We were high school classmates. I own several pieces of Milton’s work that are displayed proudly in my home. Guest often comment on the meticulous attention given to detail. Milton possess a God given gift to be shared with the world.

Charles Timmes
Peoria, Illinois

Milton Sherrill's work evokes the timeless structure of the classical lost wax bronze technique. An artist of underrecognized brilliance, Milton Sherrill descends from an African American sculpture lineage that includes Richmond Barthe, Elizabeth Catlett and current practitioners such as Vinnie Bagwell and Basil Watson. Mr. Sherrill's subjects whether historical giants such as Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King and Barack Obama, or depictions of regal African women and men, connote power, resilience and intrinsic beauty. Milton Sherrill's Futuristic sculptures conjure up the possibilities of future freedom with subjects seemingly devoid of race and color escaping the restrictive and racist confines of earth in search of far off lands of prosperity and opportunity. Milton Sherrill is a national treasure who's day in the sun is near and much deserved.

Tony Walters

I am the proud owner of a Milton Sherrill original sculpture.

This beautiful sculpture stands in the front entryway of my home. As visitors enter rarely have they not complimented me on the beauty and majesty of this amazing piece of art.

I have no doubt that this artistic investment will continue to delight me and my guests and will pay dividends into the future.

J.A. Parker